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How to transition to an agile work-space efficiently

How to transition to an agile work-space efficiently

If like many of our customers you’re planning of converting your workspace to an agile one, there’s a few factors you’ll need to consider first. 

Why are you going agile?

Think long and hard whether the move is being undertaken for the right reasons. Though your primary aim might be to save money, examine your reasons for converting to agile and how this will impact your team and the way they work. Our move managers can advise you on the best way to approach your existing space and utilise it in a way that will enhance your operations. 
Make sure to communicate with your teams and see what their concerns are. You’ll need to make adjustments for a negative response particularly for team members who have been with your company for a long time and have never had their office environment changed before. Going agile will need to work for you and them; an unhappy team is a less productive one. 

Provide plenty of storage space 

If people are losing their regular seating they’re going to need to put their files and personal belongings somewhere. Ensure there are either assigned areas, pedestals or even lockers that staff can put their effects in. As time progresses and they get used to their new agile office environment they might find they don’t need the storage anymore and you can opt to repurpose it, but you need to ensure that it’s there to begin with. 

Wellbeing is king

If your space is going to be converted to 100% agile desking, invest in location systems or software. This might be simple as a planning wall where people can mark which area they’re sitting in, to advanced software that recognises who is sitting where with the click of a button or an ID card swipe. Your teams need to be able to find each other easily and not feel like they’re wasting time navigating the office spotting colleagues. Tracking software will also enable you to see which areas are being optimised in terms so that you can re-work areas that aren’t as popular, or add more features such as break out spaces if you notice these are in a lot of demand. 

Think of your space in terms of your human capital and the way your staff collaborate by creating spaces that align with how people need to work. Telesales teams will need to be given space away from researchers who need silence to concentrate. Also, allow for collaborative areas for small teams so that these can come together and work without disruption by others who might claim “seniority” or cite urgent projects. Everyone will need to be able to feel like they have a home even on days where there’s 110% staff occupancy. 

Allow for the flexibility that people enjoyed before you move to the agile environment. If staff will be expected to hot desk ensure you provide furniture and features that are ergonomic and height adjustable so that they can be made to easily fit to each person’s needs. This should include chairs, screen arms and even standing desks. 

Consider adding perks like free breakfast, an in-house gym or free espresso machine which will make staff feel that they’ve been upgraded to a more modern environment rather than having been cast into a vast space where they feel homeless.

Don't do it alone

Choose an agile workspace support provider that understands what all types of organisations need and can adjust to your specs and desires quickly and at short notice, while working around you and your teams. Our extensive experience in workplace and IT management, means we can advise, supply and react to all of your requests so that you can do what you do best.

We can help 

We provide move planning and project management services, furniture supply and installation, IT audits, recommissioning and decommissioning of all IT set ups including server rooms. We can supply porterage, space and desk mapping, ad hoc support for in house changes including a handy man on site to ensure that we provide a rapid response to your agile space requirements. 

Our expertise and background in storage and logistics means that we can plan and execute floorplan changes at short notice while supplying and removing stock, assets and furniture based on your business needs. We can provide you with tailored, agile workplace support day in, day out. 

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