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National Museum of Wales

Restore Harrow Green Case Studies - National Museum of Wales

Our Client:

The National Museum of Wales is responsible for various museums across Wales, including archaeology collections which aim to collect, curate and interpret evidence of life in Wales from prehistorical times onwards. They have internationally important collections and are committed to making these as widely available as possible.

The Project:

Our client needed various exhibition items to be moved from the National Museum Cardiff’s Origins Gallery to be stored temporarily until they can be placed in the St Fagan’s site, just outside Cardiff. The items to be moved included the Levelinus Stone, a donkey mill from the Roman fort at Clyro, a Roman sarcophagus from Undy, and a Neolithic pattern stone from the prehistoric site of Bryn Celli Ddu, as well as other equally important historical artefacts. The packing and transport of each item required careful, meticulous planning and expert handling techniques.

Our team used specialist equipment and a HIAB crane to lift these ancient monuments weighing individually up to two and a half tonnes, and to position and pack them in custom-made crates. Three of the artefacts were too large for the building’s lift so we arranged to take them out of the Museum through the front entrance at 7am, before the Museum opened to the public. Having packed each item with painstaking care, we transported them to the store at Nantgarw where we unloaded and positioned them as required by the Museum’s curators.

The Outcome:

Our expert team, experienced in museum moves, planned and carried out this challenging and important move over four days. The project was completed to our client’s complete satisfaction on time and within budget. The National Museum of Wales staff were delighted with the professional planning and delivery of their project and have asked us to move the artefacts to their new site when it is ready to house them.

Project Details


The National Museum of Wales


What We Did:

  • Packed historical artefacts of all sizes (some weighing individually 2½ tonnes)
  • Provided custom-made crates
  • Transported and unpacked the artefacts in specialist storage

Client Feedback

You did an amazing job last week and thankfully everything went smoothly. Please thank the team as I know they worked some long days to complete the job. Many thanks for all your help with this project.

The National Museum of Wales
Moving various exhibition items