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Case Study

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The Royal Bank of Scotland – International Headquarters Redevelopment

Harrow Green - The Royal Bank of Scotland

The Challenge:

The redevelopment of the Gogarburn site, on the outskirts of Edinburgh, as the RBS’s International Headquarters led to the relocation of 3,500 staff, over the course of the summer. This marked the beginning of an ongoing programme of strategic regional moves, with Restore Harrow Green continuing to work as preferred relocation partner.

The Project:

Projects on this large scale highlight Restore Harrow Green’s particular expertise: managing phased moves to a tight timetable, handling the sequential packing of a high volume of filing, the accurate relocation of personal crates and the re-commissioning of internal IT facilities.

Restore Harrow Green has formed an alliance with Planet Office Global to ensure unwanted client assets go to good causes. Its alliance with theUK-based company, Planet Office Global, is ensuring many unwantedclient assets, such as furniture and IT equipment, are re-used by deserving causes rather than going to landfill.

Our Solution:

RBS’s major city centre relocation strategy for Edinburgh and Glasgow, with a total people move of around 5,500 staff, has enabled Restore Harrow Green to develop an enviable level of experience and understanding of the client’s needs.

Throughout the programme the priority was to keep people working and to minimise disruption.

Outside Scotland, work has been undertaken in London for a move of 4,000 people to new buildings at Bankside.
In Manchester, Restore Harrow Green was engaged to clear the contents of ten buildings following each phase of the planned staff moves of around 3,000 people into new locations in Deansgate and Spinningfields. As a consequence the company moved in excess of 100 tonnes of furniture and equipment for recycling, restoration and re-use.

Project Details


The Royal Bank of Scotland


What We Did:

  • relocation of 3,500 staff
  • clear the contents of ten buildings
  • moved in excess of 100 tonnes of furniture and equipment for recycling, restoration and re-use

Client Feedback

We always work flexibly with our clients, that will often mean weekend working to ensure staff can be back at their desks – their new desks – on Monday morning.

Ann McKay - Restore Harrow Green Glasgow
The Royal Bank of Scotland Project