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Team-Leading Training Programme

Restore Harrow Green Case Studies - Team-Leading Training Programme

The Challenge:

Training is a major priority for us at Restore Harrow Green. We invest in our staff by providing them with a full programme of training, to ensure that we have a highly skilled workforce which can provide the very best service to our customers. By giving our staff support and encouragement, we increase their skills and confidence, and thereby their career opportunities, all of which increases their competence and motivation.

We have been working with an external organisation, Skills Team, to make sure our staff gain relevant qualifications and receive the training they need to give our customers a truly excellent service. Looking at the various courses which Skills Team offer, we identified which would best meet our needs and would complement our existing training provision.

The Project:

One of the programmes we chose to include in our training package is the Skills Team Programme in Team-Leading. This course gives participants the chance to gain nationally recognised qualifications from the Institute of Leadership and Management. It is an apprenticeship programme consisting of a combination of training, skills development and applied workplace learning, leading to a Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Team-Leading, a VRQ Certificate in Team Leading and Functional Skills in Maths and English at the appropriate level.

The programme takes 12–18 months to complete. It includes classroom training carried out in an interactive, engaging style, and individualised assessor support. Assessment tests are carried out during workshops and candidates are also given project work and assignments after each workshop to complete in their own time. A course for ten of our staff members began on 21st July 2014, with a planned end date of October 2015.

In offering this training, and giving staff the chance to gain a qualification from the ILM, we are breaking new ground and increasing professionalism in our industry. We are very proud to be the first in our industry to provide this opportunity.

Our Solution

This course of training is making a real positive difference to Restore Harrow Green as an organisation and to our individual staff members. One participant, Trevor Hart, has now advanced his career with us by achieving promotion to the position of Operations Manager and he told us:

The Teamleading programme has been immensely helpful in increasing my skills and confidence, and in finding strengths I didn’t know I had.

Project Details

Staff Training Project


What We Did:

  • Increase staff members’ skills
  • Assist them in gaining professional qualifications
  • Expand their areas of expertise
  • Increase their confidence
  • Encourage and support them to be highly skilled, motivated, team members, ready to take the lead whenever the need arises

Client Feedback

Our partnership with Restore Harrow Green has worked extremely well and the company have shown themselves to be very committed to their staff’s development. The participants on our training course are motivated individuals with excellent support from their managers and are encouraged to focus on their learning and career development. Restore Harrow Green are the first removals company we have worked with to provide ILM courses and it’s great to see a company breaking new ground for their industry.

James Kenton, Skills Team
Team-Leading Training Programme