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Case Study

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Restore Harrow Green - Working Links

The Challenge:

Coordinating the ethical disposal of close to 116,000 tons of unwanted furniture across a total of 13 different sites nationwide.

The Project:

  • 15 charities benefited across the UK
  • £362,019.00 fair market value (FMV) pumped back into the local community & attributed as Working Links philanthropy contributions
  • 100% landfill diversion
  • 554.1214197 tons of Co²e avoidance

The Redeploy programme successfully eliminated the need for unnecessary storage, or landfill costs and maximised re-use in the local community. Approximately £362,000.00+ Fair Market Value has been gifted onto deserving and worthwhile beneficiaries. The Don’t destroy-redeploy® programme has provided the most sustainable and environmentally responsible disposition for these NLN (no longer needed) assets and provided an exceptional contribution to the local and national social fabric. Those gains can be directly attributed to the generosity of Working Links and could be utilized to drive substantial internal and/or external PR.

Even when we consider the age and the condition of the product Restore Harrow Green Re-Fresh was able to achieve 100% diversion from landfill through our established charitable network and database of wish lists. Sensitive to the overall Carbon Footprint – all items were redirected, redistributed, redeployed and repurposed on within a maximum 40 mile radius directly from each of the site’s and the product didn’t even need to be unloaded from the trucks!

Our Solution:

107.5515 tons redeployed & repurposed local to each project site within the charitable & not for profit communities

8.6115 tons recycled

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Client Feedback

We are so happy with the donation of office furniture. We have made good use of it. We have refurbished our classrooms, IT room and chillout area. The young people who use the equipment are delighted with the new comfy chairs and dining area. As there was a lot of furniture we contacted Pennywell Community Centre and they have taken some of the equipment too.

Cassandra O’Neil Project Manager, Pennywell Youth Project