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Business Critical Server Relocation

Harrow Green Case Studies - Business Critical Server Relocation

The Challenge:

  • Server migration of 35 servers from Yorkshire to Hertfordshire.
  • Business critical constraints regarding timing of project must be strictly adhered due to seasonal nature of business.

The Project:

  • A three phase project, consisting of two days per phase, was managed by Restore Harrow Green team leaders who had worked with our client on a previous project.
  • Cabling project undertaken concurrently.

Our Solution:

  • The consistency and continuity of the project team ensured both real time expertise and an understanding of the client’s needs throughout the entire project.
  • Effective partnership and vendor management ensured that all elements of the project were completed and conjoined in a timely fashion, minimising downtime.

Although the size of each phase was relatively small (totalling 25 servers in all), Restore Harrow Green deployed two specialist project managers who had been involved on the previous, larger project in 2007. This approach ensured that the project was managed and maintained at the best possible level.

One project manager undertook a pre-move audit and planning at the Yorkshire site due to specific technical knowledge. The second managed the post-relocation process, ensuring that the equipment was installed and signed off after each phase. This was considered the ‘best fit’ and most cost effective approach to the project for our client.

“Given the complexities of a server relocation, and the business critical nature of such a project, we always conduct a full scoping exercise prior to the move to ensure all technical, logistical and business considerations are accounted for.”

Project Details

Information Technology

Business Critical Server Relocation


What We Did:

  • Server migration of 35 servers
  • Timing of project must be strictly adhered
  • A three phase project, consisting of two days per phase
  • Cabling project undertaken concurrently
  • Real time expertise and an understanding of the client’s needs

Client Feedback

Our previous experience of Restore Harrow Green assured us that this smaller, yet business critical project would be managed without a hitch.

The Client
Business Critical Server Relocation Project