We have the specialist skills to design, manage and deliver the relocation of your business-critical IT equipment

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technology relocation

We can support all your technology relocation requirements, whatever system you use.

Led by a team of expert technology project management and engineering staff, our people are committed to ensuring you have a truly flawless relocation. We will assess and plan every single detail of your project and we promise to keep downtime to the absolute minimum.

We will work closely alongside your IT and Facilities teams to provide a seamless path to completion. Our people will then remain on hand throughout the process, supervising every stage of your project to deal with any issues that may arise along the way. Once your reinstallation has been completed successfully you will be given access to a dedicated help desk to deal with any post-move questions.

You can rest assured that you will be ready for business as planned. We won’t sign off until you’re happy.

Asset management

Our vast experience of both the IT industry and office environments means we are perfectly placed for your IT Asset and Audit Management.

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Cable management and structured cabling

When relocating your IT equipment, you will need to consider the impact that cabling can have on your working environment.  A good cabling solution will not only optimise performance and user comfort but can also help you conform to health and safety legislation.

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Equipment roll-out

If you are looking for added value during your IT relocation, then do speak to us about our comprehensive “Store and Deploy” service, for a wide range of computer equipment such as servers, monitors, printers and routers.

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IT cleaning

Your relocation is an ideal time to invest in the appearance of your existing equipment so it doesn’t look out of place in your new environment.  Our IT cleaning service will enhance your equipment and leave it looking like new.

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IT moves and changes

If you’re looking for added value during your IT relocation then why not speak to us about some of our additional services.

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IT recycling

If you’re planning a large relocation or have ongoing churn to manage, it is not easy without having the right expertise in-house. The preparation of minor moves and larger move coordination often demands onsite presence at short notice.

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Server relocation

Relocating your servers or datacentre from one site to another can be a complex process.

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