Office Furniture Reuse, Charity

Office Furniture Reuse, Charity

Office Furniture Reuse, Charity

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Office Furniture Reuse, Charity

If you have No Longer Needed office furniture and equipment, we commit to taking those items and dealing with them for you.

How do we recycle?

We'll survey all your No Longer Needed equipment and recommend a course of action based on the quality of your items. Initially we will find and engage with charities and good causes or re-sell your items through our network of traders. What's left will be processed at our accredited recycling centre where every item will be separated into its constituent parts for re-use as raw material.

IT recycling

Our computer recycling service is nationwide and ensures all your No Longer Needed IT hardware is disposed of safely and securely.


Reuse, recycle Harrow Green

Reuse Charity Harrow Green

Our team of IT technicians are on hand to conduct a full audit of your electronic waste and establish an ethical IT recycling programme to help meet your Duty of Care. We work in accordance with the UK's WEEE directive and Controlled Hazardous Waste legislation from collection through to recycling at our fully licensed recycling facility.

Data removal and destruction

It's easy for sensitive information to be casually discarded by your employees if they do not fully understand the risks. Even documents that may not appear to be confidential could threaten your security or break the law if they are not properly destroyed. Our data removal and destruction service ensures that you protect the confidentiality of your customers, staff and others who trust you with their personal details.

Our data disposal team will make it easy for you to meet your legal requirements and keep private information secure. You will benefit from our expert advice on exactly what documents need to be destroyed and how.

Your data security in safe hands

We only use screened, trained staff to remove sensitive data for secure data removal and provide a full audit trail along with a certificate of destruction where necessary. All the material we collect is transported in sealed containers to our fully licensed recycling facility where it is then destroyed in a secure, controlled environment.
We are completely flexible with our collection times and will provide a secure, cost-effective service that suits your individual data disposal needs. Contact us for a free audit and we'll make sure you're fully compliant.

Helping you keep up with environmental legislation

We will ensure full compliance with the waste transfer, environmental protection and WEEE legislation fulfilling the EPA Duty of Care for your part in the product lifecycle.

During the recycling process you will automatically receive these supporting documents:

  • Recycling notification document: You authorise us to remove and dispose of identified products in any way that we see fit as long as the route is green.
  • Production of Compliant Waste Transfer documentation
  • Recycling Receipts/Waste Transfer Note: The recycling receipt provides you with the exact tonnage of the material we have recovered from your site. This also carries information about our registration to be an authorised carrier of waste.

This documentation will be supplied to you with a recycling certificate which verifies compliance, provides details of the amounts and types of waste processed and confirmation that all has been processed in accordance with our recycling quality programme.