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The Challenge:

The Redeploy programme eliminated the need for further and unnecessary storage, avoided a traditional disposal to landfill or complete recycling and maximised re-use within the local community.

The project involved a combined total of 39.681 tons of unwanted Credenzas, Peds, Chairs, Bookcases, Cupboards and Meeting tables, equal to approximately 724 pieces.

The Project:

  • 5 charities benefited across the UK
  • £150,265.00 fair market value (FMV) pumped back into the local community & attributed as Working Links philanthropy contributions
  • 100% landfill diversion
  • 189.6777303 tons of Co²e avoidance

UK Border Agency now have a generic solution in place across the UK with a long term commitment to supporting local charities though the Planet Office Global Redeploy programme and avoiding landfill disposal. The success of this initial pilot has positioned the programme perfectly for the 2nd phase of the redeployment at Purfleet Warehouse with charities ready for imminent donations either within a local proximity or within the Croydon area.

Whatever the requirement, the corporate, social and environmental advantages of this unique programme deliver the greatest possible return to businesses for their No Longer Needed (NLN) corporate assets. Don’t destroy – redeploy® is a fully-managed, fully-documented turnkey programme that transforms assets at the end of their corporate life quickly and simply, into a powerful social and environmental benefit.

Our Solution:

  • 34.8735 tons redeployed & repurposed local to each project site within the charitable & not for profit communities
  • 04.8075 tons recycled

Project Details


UK Border Agency


What We Did:

  • 34.8735 tons redeployed & repurposed
  • 04.8075 tons recycled
  • Avoided a traditional disposal to landfill
  • Gifting no longer needed facility furniture

Client Feedback

The Don’t destroy-redeploy® solution has helped UK Border Agency to realise the “triple bottom line” benefits from doing the right thing. Gifting no longer needed facility furniture, equipment and supplies through the programme has achieved a number of positive social, environmental and economic goals—becoming more important in today’s increasingly value-conscious business and professional communities.

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