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London Borough of Croydon

Harrow Green Case Studies Croydon Council

The Challenge:

The London Borough of Croydon (Croydon Council) provides a wide range of services for local people, businesses and visitors to the borough, including services for children and adults, and environmental, cultural, sports, housing, planning and benefits services.

The Project:

Our client was relocating from Taberner House into the new civic centre, Bernard Weatherill House. This large move constituted 3000 staff in 20 departments, including departments holding sensitive information such as the legal department and child services. The work covered 23 floors and three sub-basement areas.

We packed and moved all office equipment and 4000LM of filing, decommissioned and recommissioned all IT, and, after the move, we carried out a full clearance of the building. Our specialist skills were put to use to relocate antique items such as stained glass windows, and some heavy items including an X-ray machine and a guillotine that
weighed over 1 ton – we incorporated specially trained staff from our Heavy Lift Division during this phase.

The client had also committed to donating half of their no-longer-needed assets from Taberner House to local charities and other groups within the borough – this constituted thousands of items of furniture. We planned and completed the distribution and delivery of these items to around 200 local charities and groups across Croydon.

The clearance of such a large building was very challenging. The council had been based at Taberner House for over 60 years so there was a huge amount of ‘general material’ to be recycled as well as the items distributed to local groups.

Our Solution:

We provided a move programme that finished on schedule with all staff and business assets safely relocated to their new locations in the new civic centre. Timing was crucial – zero downtime for staff was always the target – and cost management was also a high priority. So our client was delighted that the project was completed on time and on budget.

Our comprehensive Project Management of both the move and clearance programmes meant that our client’s staff could focus on their ‘day job’ leaving us to manage the detail of each phase of the project. We provided specialist IT support and delivery via our dedicated IT Division – this ensured business-critical IT systems were relocated safely and securely whilst maintaining the integrity of all items. We also planned and carried out the furniture re-purposing programme to local charitable groups and other beneficiaries. All redundant material from Taberner House was disposed of through our ethical and fully audited recycling programme.

Richard, I meant to email earlier to say thank you for the support
you and your team gave us before the move. You, Alex, Phil and the
guys were all so helpful, patient, understanding – very professional!
It was a relief when your team turned up because they gave me
confidence in getting everything moved, nothing was too much trouble,
re-labelling, IT kit, opening up already packed crates and
particularly getting all of our ‘big’ stuff over. Thank you very much
to you and all your team.

Vicki Blinks Senior Public Relations Officer, London Borough of Croydon

Project Details


London Borough of Croydon


What We Did:

  • Relocated furniture and equipment for 3000 staff
  • Decommissioned and recommissioned 3000 desktop IT kits
  • Carried out clearance of thousands of no-longer-needed items
  • Arranged donation of no-longer -needed furniture to 200 local charities and community groups
  • Arranged ethical and audited recycling of remaining items

Client Feedback

On behalf of Croydon Council, I would like to formally convey our appreciation and thanks to Restore Harrow Green, for the commitment and dedication of Richard and the team for the planning and execution of the move to Bernard Weatherill House; everything was on time and very organised.

Amanda C Riggall Head of Facilities
- London Borough of Croydon Croydon Council